NUGUN currently supply hi-flow regulators in three different models – these models differ in price-point and ultimate flow requirement:

N-22622 our standard hi-flow model that out-performs the vast majority of regulators currently available
N-32623 this pilot-controlled dome-loaded regulator out-performs any of its larger counterparts, and is the mainstay in open-wheel racing, on a worldwide basis
NB-767B NUGUN’s highest flowing, single-bodied regulator to date; this has quickly gone from a development only product to establish itself as the current go-to unit of the future


Our in-house service centre has the capability to repair and service all makes and models of regulators currently in use.
NUGUN’s full service includes pressure and leak-down check, inlet stem adapter replacement, full component inspection, and assembly and re-test.

For further information on pricing, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements