NUGUN latest performance wheel gun product – the NUGUN quickShift – is an auto-reverse gun back to suit most high-performance wheel guns available.

The quickShift features an operator-controlled auto-reverse shuttle, with all the current high-flow characteristics of the original NUGUN gun back.

The shuttle direction is pre-set by the operator, from either the top or bottom of the gun back, which provides a safe, secure shuttle position that avoids a neutral location – the shuttle has an on or off position only.

This gun back has proven to be an operator-friendly, reliable solution to enhance the consistency, security and overall speed of wheel gun direction-change during the pit stop. The design avoids major hand-position changes and the need to reach for the end of the shuttle, saving valuable time and effort, and helping to eliminate costly operator errors.

The quickShift gun back is easily changed to suit both RH and LH users – the default position of the shuttle is always tightening.

While NUGUN has made significant advances in promoting the speed and performance of the wheel gun itself, the NUGUN quickShift is aimed towards the usability and reliability of the pit stop operation. By removing one of the physical steps normally required to undergo a wheel change, the process is quicker and involves one less element for the operator to perform. The result is fast, efficient, consistent pit stops.

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